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Aveley Skin Clinic uses the luxurious Epicuren Discovery.

Based in California, Epicuren Discovery is a favourite in the film industry. Used as directed Epicuren’s products offer a highly intense and effective path to aesthetic improvement, achieving dramatic results. Whether your concern is prevention, fine lines, acne, age spots, sensitivity, or healthy skin maintenance, Epicuren has a product system specifically designed to help you achieve your skincare goals.

The Epicuren Difference, The Metadermabolic Enzyme

Epicuren’s enzyme protein complex, referred to as the Metadermabolic Enzyme, is the heart of the Epicuren line. This enzyme is a protein that is combined with a waterborne solution of B Vitamins to create a protein with intelligence. The Metadermabolic Enzyme encourages the skin to self- rejuvenate, similarly to how aerobic exercise supports your metabolism. Your largest organ, the skin is replenished, receiving antioxidants and moisture, naturally resulting in a more youthful, vibrant appearing skin.


All of Epicuren’s products are cruelty free and many products are crafted in a solar powered facility. The majority of Epicuren’s products are formulated with certified organics and/or eco-cert ingredients. All of Epicuren’s essential oils are harvested from sustainable, wildly grown, certified organic, non-sprayed crops. Epicuren only uses the highest quality natural ingredients available.